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Relieve pain

At CARE360 PHYSICAL THERAPY MIAMI our specialized physical therapists will help you to relieve pain, improve mobility and strength, or recover following an accident or surgery. CARE360 rehabilitation MIAMI serves Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Shores, and North Bay Village. Call us for a consultation and find out how can physical therapy help you with lower back pain or neck pain; knee, shoulder, ankle, hand, foot, or elbow tendinitis, bursitis, tears, osteoarthritis, or post-surgical rehab. We also deliver neurologic physical therapy to address balance problems or functional limitations using the best evidence-based protocols for the best outcome. 

Improve mobility

Sometimes a loss of Range of Motion could be the cause of functional limitations and pain. Physical therapy can help you to get back full mobility.

Prevent or recover from a sports injury

Many sports injuries don't require surgery and conservative treatments like physical therapy can help you to recover and get rid of pain.

Rehab after surgery, accident, or injury

Following a knee, shoulder, hand, foot, or spinal surgery, as well as following a stroke or any accident or injury, skilled physical therapy will help you to recover better and faster.

Improve your balance

Specific exercise programs will help you to improve your balance and reduce the risk of falls due to any medical conditions.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy can help you to relieve pain from the back, neck, shoulder, knee, and other conditions. Skilled rehabilitation programs can also help you to improve your mobility, recover after surgery or from a sports injury, and improve your balance.